What is a Deep Tissue Massage ?

Deep Tissue Massage is one of the best method to work the muscle and the fascia to release chronic tension in the inflamed tissues. The techniques may vary but the aim is to mobilise and detoxify the deeper layers of the muscle.

How should I dress for a Massage ?

The best way to enjoy a massage is to be comfortable. If you are comfortable naked I will drape so you won’t be completely exposed . If you want to wear underwear that’s fine too, it makes mobilization and stretching easier. At the end the decision is yours.

What is a Relaxing Massage ?

A Relaxing Massage uses a lot of techniques from Swedish Massage and Ayurveda Massage : long strokes , soft but steady pressure and a constant relaxing rhythm to detox your central nervous system from bad thoughts , nasty moods and useless increase of cortisol levels.


As you can see from the name on my website : bestmassagebarcelona.com is obviously Here, in my Studio, close to Sagrada Familia. I offer the most professional massage in Barcelona with the goal to increase your wellbeing and reduce where is possible , pain related issues in your back , neck , knee and feet.