Deep Tissue Massage Reduces Cellulite?

Hi Everyone , in this micro-post I will address this question : Is Deep Tissue Massage helpful with cellulite?

If you go and research on PUBMED, NCBI there are dozen of studies asserting that massage therapy helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Deep Tissue Massage stretches the skin tissue , redistribute fat cells and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage as well. Those are definitely the keys to make your skin glowing of new life but it’s not a permanent fix.

I believe as Personal Trainer that exercise, diet in conjunction with Massage will help your skin to look better. That’s all you need period! Some experts of “Cellulite Massage” will tell you that there are specific kind of techniques that only them can apply to get rid of Cellulite. BS sorry!

What you need is a massage that stretches the fibrous connectives cords that tether with the skin to the underlying muscle. What we want is to reduce the pulling of the cords so that the fat it’s not compressed against the muscle and create a dimpling surface on the skin. In the same time with long longitudinal strokes we will try to redistribute the fat and improve circulation.

A light Deep Tissue can definitely do the work and with life changing habits it can helps in conquering a better looking skin.

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Best Regards Max 🙏🏽