50% Discount to Females Clients for INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

Hi Friends thanks for reading me 😀 I offer 50% Discount to All Females Clients that allow me to film the massage session for my social medias Instagram and Youtube : Max DTM (250K SUBS)

The shooting generally last 2 hr but I will charge 50% of 60 min price. I’m looking for models of any body-type and shape so all you need to do is to ask for the discount.

Please be aware that I don’t accept everybody, so don’t be offended if I might say NO to you, ! ( Most of the time I’m too busy or I need a certain body-type to offer my subs something different).

If you want to collaborate send me a WhatsApp to 34 634791996 It will be necessary to send 1 pic of your face and 2 pics of your body ( leggings sport outfit) so I can see if we can work together.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon !

Best Regards


SOFT TISSUE RELEASE and sport recovery


Hello Friends, in the latest week I’ve been treating all kind of athletes ranging from BJJ, Spartan Races Competitors, Rugby Players to Body Builders.

They all carry some kind of pain in their neck , back and legs. They all needed a good massage to recover and smashing it.

Soft Tissue Release is particularly helpful when the muscle is tense and shortened.

if you feel that your muscle need a Reset, Soft Tissue Release utilise mobility to pin your muscle tissue with the intent to break adhesions , restore trapped fluid and reduce Inflammation.

You are ” In the right place” if you are looking for an honest and therapeutic massage to step up your game or just to recover after the Battle

Contact me for a Soft Tissue Release Session this is my business number

Whatsapp + 34 634791996

Best Regards,

Massimiliano Ercoli ( Max) , Sport Massage Therapist