New 30 MIN : Masaje Express

masaje relajante y deportivo barcelona – relaxing massage and deep tissue massage barcelona

Hola amigos desde hoy por la crisis del Covid19 voy a ofrecer sesiones de masaje terapeutico mas accessible a todos : 30 min masaje deportivo, masaje relajante, manipulaciones osteopaticas y masaje por dolor de espalda, cuello o hombros. por solo 30 euros.

Contacta conmigo !

Puedes llamar o enviar un Whatsapp a +34 634791996 estare encantado de responder todas tus preguntas

En 30 minutos y por solo 30 euros voy a ayudarte a relajarte y sentirte mejor en tu cuerpo.

El dolor en tu espalda y cuello disminuira, y tu estres va a desaparecer

Estamos atravesando una crisis financiera y social sin precedente, dejas tu estres y tu dolores musculares in mi mano y comienza hoy sintiendote en forma y asombrosa en tu proprio cuerpo

Hay un solo problema , cuando empiece a masajear querras hacer al menos una hora o dos…

puedes soportarlo?

Hasta pronto y Muchas Gracias


Functional Massage Therapy

back functional

Hi Guys and thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Today I’m going to talk about my Functional Massage Therapy. As a strength and conditioning trainer my clients are mostly athletes, body–builders , Crossfitters or weekend warriors that no matter how careful they are in the training room they always end up with some kind of injuries. I believe that perfect position while lifting , pulling ( an object or your own body) it’s the key to avoid joint overused or tendinitis. But sometimes even perfect technique it’s not enough because if muscle are not activated in the right way it’s easy to end up with an imbalance that can decrease the performance.

That’s why before I give a functional massage, I always ask for physical history, I check the patient posture and if he is up to it I  test his muscle and activate them to make him perform better.

If you feel you need a Functional Massage or a Deep Tissue massage you are in good hands

my fees are : 65  euros x 60 min  or  85 x 90 min

I hope to see you soon in my Private Studio near Sagrada Familia

best Regard


Cupping, Fascia and Deep Tissue Barcelona

cupping massage barcelona
cupping massage barcelona

Cupping therapy has become famous in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Us champion Michael Phelps’s skin is covered with purple dots, but Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that helps with pain, inflammation, release of the fascia , blood flow and it can be used as complementary type in the deep tissue massage to get rid of knots in every part of the body.

Cupping is the only method known in massage therapy that pulls the Fascia instead of pressing it.

And that is the key to get rid of knots and make the collagen and hyaluronic acid slide one on top of the other and recreate the fascial structural balance you need to get rid of pain in your back , neck and shoulder

Here in Barcelona I practice Deep Tissue Massage and Cupping Therapy with athletes, crossfitters, football players and of course average joes.

if you want your back or neck to feel light and painless again i recommend deep tissue plus cupping therapy together

thanks for reading my blog

here my number 0034634791996 when you call me ask for cupping therapy